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Bonds for bonding plastic materials and metals

ARALDITE 2011 (Araldite AW106/ Haerter HV953U)

Two-component pasty bond on the basis of epoxy resin.

Important properties:

  • High cut strength and adhesive strength,
  • Tenacious and elastic material,
  • Rapid hardening,
  • For bonding of a vast variety of materials, including metals, ceramic materials, rubber, hard plastic materials, and most of other commonly used materials.


Araldite 2011 is a pasty, universally applicable, two-component bond, hardening under room temperature and featuring high connection strength and tenacity.
It is suitable for bonding of a number of metals, ceramic materials, glass, rubber and dry rubber, of hard plastic materials, as well as of commonly used materials. Araldite 2011 is a multipurpose bond suitable both for craftsmen activities and for the majority of industrial branches.

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