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The cups

The cups are intended for sealing of pistons and piston rods of hydraulic and pneumatic devices on their straight sliding travel.
Symmetrical cups may be used both for sealing of pistons and of piston rods.
Asymmetric cups may be used for packing of pistons or piston rods, in relation to the layout of sealing lips.

To select a due cup type the following parameters should be known:

  • Sealed medium,
  • Operation temperature,
  • Pressure,
  • Slide speed.

Prior to installation undesirable remnants and impurities have to be removed from the whole system. On installation attention has to be paid to the cup not be pulled over sharp edges and threads, otherwise the sealing edges may be damaged. Therefore it is suitable to use installation tools if needed.

Domestic cups:

- made only of rubber (for pressures up to 32 MPa)
- made of rubber with textile lining (for pressures above 32 MPa)
For pneumatic devices
- U-shape collar 029268
- cup packing 029270
For hydraulic devices
- grooved cup 029269
- grooved cup 029274
- grooved cup 029275

Textile-rubber, stratified cups

  • Elastic packing elements designated for packing of mutually movable machine parts of cylindrical shape. Mostly straight motion, reciprocating parts are packed.
  • They are used to seal mineral oils, greases, coolants, mixtures for hydraulic presses, etc.;
  • They are made by application of oil-resistant rubber onto a base fabric and then vulcanised. Rubber is applied either on asbestos or cotton fabric.

Foreign-made cups:

  • To pack pistons in hydraulic or pneumatic devices,
  • To pack piston rods in hydraulic or pneumatic devices,
  • To pack pistons and piston rods in hydraulic or pneumatic devices.
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